BBC Holds a Story on Greek ‘Rocket War’ Custom (video)

Rocket War Chios

The traditional firework face-off between the two opposing parishes of Aghios Markos and Panagia Ereithiani on the Greek island of Chios, an Easter event known in Greece as rouketopolemos (literally ‘rocket war’), once again both lit up and clouded the night sky after Holy Saturday’s Easter mass, and grabbed the attention of the BBC in doing so.

The Greek Easter custom featuring the “firework battle,” as reported by the UK broadcaster, features opposing parishes launching home-made fireworks at the other’s church bell towers.

The journalist mentions that the Greek financial crisis didn’t leave this custom untouched, as some of the participants state that fewer rockets, which they spend several months creating, were made for this year’s celebration.

According to the local Chios newspaper Politis, more than 100,000 rockets were launched this year as part of the Easter rituals, and although appropriate security measures were in place, some rockets deviated from their course and hit houses, causing minor damage, beyond the considerable sulphurous pollution caused by releasing thousands of fireworks into the atmosphere.

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