Greece Has Most Expensive Road and Fuel Taxes in Eurozone

    road taxesAccording to a study by the European Commission, Greece is among the countries of the euro zone with the most expensive circulation and fuel taxes. More specifically, Netherlands is placed first followed by Greece which came second.

    The study showed that in Greece, in 2013, the total tax revenues related to vehicles (excise duty on fuel, VAT, circulation tax, luxury tax, registration tax) amounted to 5.34 billion euros.

    In the Netherlands, the charges for a two-litre engine car with 151 horsepower, which emits 167 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, amount to 1,444 euros. In Greece, the same charges reach 815.75 euros. Ireland and Austria are placed third with 570 euros followed by Cyprus with 501 euros, while in Italy and Belgium road taxed range from 400 to 430 euros. France, Estonia and Slovakia have adopted a policy of zero road taxes.

    The study recorded the tax regime for vehicles in 40 counties throughout the world. It reflects the legislation applicable on January 1, 2014 integrating all changes during the last year.



    1. Sort of incongruous for presently the “poorest country in the EU,” right?

      But then that’s typical of ‘Greconomics’. Statistics seem to defy all logic and the most basic principles of commerce have no reality.

      Pretty convenient for some, however.


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