Greek Island of Ithaca to Become High Class Resort


Australian investors are planning to build a luxurious resort on the southern shores of the Greek island of Ithaca, which will host villas, marinas and golf courses.

The investors’ plans for the project have already been posted on the company’s website.

The ILIAD resort which is planned to be built in South Ithaca will include villas, luxurious apartments for rent, many extra amenities for well-known and wealthy guests, as well as marinas with the possibility of accommodating cruise ships. Ithaca today is a virgin area, however, when the project is completed the Greek island will look like a small “Monaco.”

The project includes the creation of a golf course, a marina — with the capacity to accommodate up to 200 yachts — a coastal “village,” six super-luxurious residences and 1020 suites specially designed for the small Greek island of Ithaca.


  1. Ithaca the island of dreams for the World gone forever.
    More destruction of Greek Islands for little return for Greece.
    When the last piece of foreshore has been bulldozed, and, Greece looks totally like a garbage heap where is the money coming from to clean up the place. When a country has no pride in itself and allows foreigners to rape every part of it, even the cheap, cheap tourists will stay away eventually.
    There may not be any real Greeks left in Greece; they surely have all died of shame from looking at the destruction of their country. The barbarians and vandals arriving every day will eventually pulverise everything. Lets hope a Volcano erupts and buries all of the land and sea under 1000 metres of hard rock and leaves the 3000 years of dreams buried in its grounds, safe from the barbarians.