Crete Fighting to Save its Seas

CreteIn three days, a dubious experiment is set to take place in the Mediterranean. Chemical agents which in small quantities are capable of causing thousands of casualties, will be released by the tons west of Crete, Greece. For the first time ever, the chemicals will be flushed through a scientific hydrolysis process.

The people behind this experiment have yet to provide an answer to the question: “What is going to happen to the Mediterranean sea if something goes wrong with the experiment?” As they themselves have admitted they haven’t made any risk assessments in regards to humans and the sea.

The Greek government is content to hear UN’s assurances that everything will go according to plan, but Crete is opposed. Four hundred collective bodies from every corner of the island and thousands of people who are worried about the future of the environment plan to take action.

This Sunday, Crete will not remain silent. The islanders are planning to defend their sea with any means possible.

Boats are expected to sail from the ports of Sfakia and Gavdos with intent to form a line and block the ships carrying the chemicals. The people are determined to communicate their decision to stop the planned experiment through any non-violent means.