Farmer’s Markets Employees on Indefinite Strike

Greek Farmers MarketGreek farmer’s markets employees launched an indefinite strike as of April 28, protesting against a bill on farmer’s markets and outdoor commerce.

According to the farmers of Central and Western Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace, the new bill recently presented in Greek Parliament, will further deteriorate the Greek farmer’s markets. “They want to destroy the farmer’s markets and promote big supermarkets instead. The consumers won’t benefit from the bill and the product prices at the farmer’s markets won’t be reduced,” the farmer’s market federation stressed.

The farmers have also been protesting against the bill by threatening not to vote at the forthcoming local elections. The president of farmer’s market federation, Vasilis Makridis, has briefed all the political parties about the federation’s position on the matter and he also withdrew his candidacy for the local elections in the municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece .

Farmer’s markets employees are against several provisions of the bill concerning the operation of local farmer’s markets, the selection criteria of the farmers and vendors participating in each market, the limited number of stalls in each local market and the heavy fines and penalties imposed on farmers and vendors.


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