‘Revolutionary Struggle’ Claims April 10 Bank of Greece Bomb

    Bomb Explodes in Central AthensGreek anarchist group Revolutionary Struggle has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack outside the Bank of Greece head office in central Athens, on April 10. The attack caused considerable damage but fortunately, no injuries. The assumption of responsibility confirmed the Greek police’s assertion that the attack marked the return to action of Nikos Maziotis, head of the terrorist organization.

    According to a statement posted on anti-establisment website Athens Indymedia, the attack’s primary target was the Bank of Greece, but damage to neighboring buildings was an unexpected bonus. Moreover, the group stated that the attack was a protest against Greece’s return to the international bond market and the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Athens.

    In its proclamation, Revolutionary Struggle referred to Merkel as an “arch-terrorist” and “a protagonist of the imposition of extreme neoliberal policies and austerity in all of Europe.” The claim stated that the attack took place just four years after the dismantling of the group by Greek police. The attack against the Bank of Greece proved that the Revolutionary Struggle is back.

    The organization invited all other guerillas to create a joint anti-capitalist movement in armed struggle and “social revolution”.


    1. While everybody is chasing the Golden Dawn fools around Athens the real criminals are bombing Athens. Lazy incompetant administration in Greece continues. A Parliament full of lazy monkeys that cannot bring the legal system into the 21st Century is above all understanding.
      What are the 295 parliamentarians doing? ( 5 G.D. members are in jail )
      Dont they get bored sitting around drinking coffee all day?
      Have they all gone fishing in Morrocco?