Survey: What Greeks Believe about Cheating, Gambling & Homosexuality


The Pew Research Centre conducted an international survey in 40 countries concerning eight topics often discussed as moral issues, which are extramarital affairs, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol consumption, divorce, and contraception. The 40,117 respondents were asked whether each topic is morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not a moral issue. 

Extramarital affairs In Greece, 79% of the respondents claimed that extramarital affairs are unacceptable, 5% said that it is acceptable, while 12% do not consider it a moral breach.

Abortion Fifty-four percent of Greeks believe that abortions are unacceptable, 12% said that they are acceptable and 11% believe that they do not constitute a moral issue.

Gambling Fifty-two percent said that it is unacceptable, 7% answered that it is acceptable and 37% do not see it as a moral issue. The highest rate of positive answers were recorded in Japan and France.

Greece_survey_sex_cheting_gambling_homosexualityHomosexuality Forty-five percent of the respondents answered negatively, 24% said that it is an acceptable behavior and 24% believe that it’s not a moral issue.

Alcohol use Twenty-three percent said that it is unacceptable, 22% believe that it is acceptable, while 47% said that it is not a moral issue.

Divorce Nineteen percent of Greeks voted negatively, 42% accepts divorces and 28% think it is not a moral issue.

Contraception In Greece, 14% of the respondents believe that it is an unethical practice, 45% accepts the use of contraceptives while 33% said that it is not a moral issue.

Premarital sex Eleven percent of the respondents say that premarital sex is unacceptable, 59% accepts it, while 27% do not see it as moral issue.


  1. A few topics seem to have been overlooked in the PEW opinion polls such as: Theft, Corruption, Dependency, Ethics.


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