Video: Chania Port Breaks Into Mass Pentozali Dance

An innovative flash mob consisting of anyone who happened to be at the old port at Chania, Crete, formed on Holy Saturday afternoon.

A cultural society, supported by the Cretan authorities, had placed loudspeakers all around the old port.

The popular Cretan artists Giorgos and Nikos Stratakis appeared merely to be enjoying their coffee at a local cafeteria until the fuss started with a young child improvising on a daouli drum. The artists joined in and custumers in the cafeteria started cheering and clapping with great enthusiasm.

Soon the dancing began. The spontaneous music call lead all the Greeks and foreigners who were passing by at that time to start dancing pentozali alongside the old port. This dance, well known for its sprightly and ultimately very fast pace, is a trademark folk dance of Crete

The event was one of a kind, starring a flash mob and passers-by spontaneously drawn in by the traditional dance and hospitable and cheerful Cretan tradition.