Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Behind Recent Parcel-Bomb in Police Station

    bombThe terrorist organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”  claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb which was sent to the Itea Police Station, central Greece, on April 29.

    According to the organization’s proclamation, posted on the website Contra Info, the parcel-bomb to Itea Police Department was an “answer” to the murder of the Albanian inmate Ilia Kareli who was beaten to death by prison guards in Malandrino prison. Itea police officers have also been prosecuted for the death of the Albanian convict. The terrorist organization also threatened that they will proceed with new attacks. “We will soon return” says the proclamation.

    Greek police had expressed fears for the return of the organization in action. Fortunately, the explosive device was soon deactivated and didn’t cause any damage or injuries.


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