Data Shows Black Hole For Greeks With Neither Job Nor Income

Lines at the unemployment office in Greece are getting longer
Lines at the unemployment office in Greece are getting longer

Greece’s state-run labor agency OAED has released data for the period 2010-2014 showing a 45% increase in unemployment registrations but 47% fewer recipients of the relevant benefit, which means that despite the dole queue getting 328,208 people longer, somehow 138,824 fewer receive unemployment benefit.

Unemployment is turning into a major social problem as more and more unemployed are left without an income. The Greek government has already decided to proceed with the distribution of a social dividend of 60 million euros to the long-term unemployed in the second half of 2014. Furthermore the government will review the criteria concerning the granting of a long-term unemployment benefit.

Apart from the recession preventing the reintegration of the unemployed into the labor market, the decline in the number of unemployment benefit recipients owes much to the peculiarities of the Greek welfare system.

According to Eurostat, 18.91 million people living within the EU were found to be jobless in March.  January figures showed Greece has the highest unemployment rate in Europe, at 26.7%, followed by Spain with 25.3%. Cyprus recorded the biggest increase in unemployment, up to 17.4% from 14.8% last year. The lowest rates were recorded in Austria (4.9%), Germany (5.1%) and Luxembourg (6.1%).


  1. Maybe we should ask the 300 parliamentarians and ministers in this country to do the right thing. Take a pay cut of 40% (like everyone else has) to help fill the gap of these unfortunate people standing in line but whom will receive NO UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT.

    Do those people [in the photo above] standing in that line look like layabouts trying the cheat the system? They are just trying to feed their families, people..

  2. Asking the politicians to take a pay cut? The only thing they are concerned about is milking as much as they can from the EU to line their pockets with more euros while the rest of the country appx 11 million citizens suffer.
    Greece is a beautiful country. A magnificent country. A blessed country infiltrated with LAMOGIA at every level.
    They destroyed Greece. It will take a generation plus (twenty years) to recover.