Rhodes Schoolboy Wins Maths Olympiad


A schoolboy from Rhodes, Athinagoras Skiadopoulos, has won the gold metal at the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad 2014 in Pleven, Bulgaria with a perfect score of 40/40.

The Greek team in total won two gold metals, three bronze and one honorable citation and was ranked fifth among the 20 countries who participated at the 31st BMO 2014.

Skiadopoulos’ strong performance owed much to his long-term preparation. He will also be part of the six-member Greek team for the International Mathematical Olympiad in Cape Town, South Africa, from July 3 to July 13.


  1. A brilliant lad. Bravo Athinagoras!
    And there are many here like him. Too bad they will all have to go abroad to find a decent paying job, draining the country of one of its greatest resources–intelligence.