Dismissals Imminent at 14 Public Organizations

    Public Sector Employees

    The Greek government is to accelerate its job-cutting measures so as to hit the Troika‘s target of 11,000 public sector dismissals by the end of 2014. Those at risk of dismissal are those who have been placed in the state’s availability-mobility scheme and those suspected of having been hired after presenting counterfeit documents, such as fake degrees and trumped-up CVs. 

    Greece’s Minister of Administrative Reform Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a meeting with the administrations of 14 public limited companies and public legal entities, asked that the process of validating the certificates of state employees be sped up.

    The audit is being supervised by the Inspectors-Controllers Body for Public Administration, whose results are monitored through an electronic system.

    Mitsotakis said the results of the audit so far show the phenomenon of counterfeit documents to be widespread in Greece, and that the government is determined to deal with it.


    1. In most countries falsifying documents, one has signed off as true and accurate carries a criminal penalty in addition to immediate dismissal. If the authorities ever put the teeth back into such laws there would be fewer wannabes in the future trying to cheat the system. How simple.

      Cause and effect–actual consequences for on’e actions is not a well supported reality in this land. And so the public is simply enabled to go on breaking the laws.