1950s Buses Looking for Home

    1950s BusesA group of old vehicle enthusiasts has launched a campaign seeking a permanent home for 15 vehicles dating back to the 1950s that are currently housed in the OSY depots in Gazi, central Athens, Greece. 

    The group “Friends of the Bus” hopes that OSY, the company in charge of Attica’s buses and trolley buses, will transform the old buses into a museum, like the Greek railway company has done with the old trains.

    “We have created a record of our own experiences and observations as regards public transport in our lifetimes,” said  the head of the group, Andreas Chronis, “In the 50s, car drivers were our heroes  because there were so few of them they seemed exotic,” he added. 

    The “Friends of the Bus” have created a rich archive of bus photographs through the decades and has also been responsible for rescuing parts of old buses from scrap yards, which they hope one day can be used for exhibition purposes.