FIFA Announces Greek National Team’s Slogan for World Cup

Bus of the Greek National TeamFIFA (International Federation of Association Football) has announced the 32 winning slogans that will be placed on each team’s buses at the 2014 FIFA World Cup held this summer in Brazil.

An international competition entitled “Be There with Hyundai Contest” was held from October 2013 to February 2014, in order for fans to come up with a slogan for their national team. Upon completion of the submission phase, a voting phase took place after which the most popular slogans were chosen. These slogans will be used as an anthem to fans and players during the World Cup.

Greek football fans have chosen the slogan “Heroes play like the Greeks!” to accompany the Greek national team to Brazil.

The two other options for Greece ’s slogan were “This is Greece!” and “One Team, one Dream!” but they weren’t very popular among the voters.

Some slogans picked for other countries are the following:

Cameroon: “Un Lion Demeure Un Lion” (Translation: “A Lion remains a Lion”)
Spain: “En Nuestro Corazón, La Pasión De Un Campeón” (Translation: “Inside our Hearts, the Passion of a Champion”)
Ivory Coast: “Les Éléphants A La Conquête Du Brésil!” (Translation: “Elephants Charging towards Brazil!”)
Costa Rica: “MI PASIÓN EL FÚTBOL, MI FORTALEZA MI GENTE, MI ORGULLO COSTA RICA” (Translation: “My Passion is Football, my Strength is my People, my Pride is Costa Rica”)
England: “The Dream of one Team, the Heartbeat of Millions”
Italy: “Coloriamo D’azzurro Il Sogno Mondiale” (Translation: “Let’s Paint the FIFA World Cup Dream Blue”)
Switzerland: “End Station: 13.07.2014 Maracana!” (Translation: “Final Stop: 13-07-14 Maracana!”)
France: “Impossible N’est Pas Francais” (Translation: “Impossible is not a French word”)
Nigeria: “Only Together we can Win.”
USA: “United by Team, Driven by Passion!”
Belgium: “Attendez-vous À L’impossible!” (Translation: “Expect the Impossible!”)