E-Geiokratis: Innovative Medical Idea by Highschool Students


“E-Geiokratis,” an innovative product by highschool students, won first place in the Youth Entrepreneurship Association Contest.

E-Geiokratis is a program that completely changes the way individual and family medical records were treated so far and assists the public awareness of preventative medical care. It consists of two parts:
An application which secures the medical data of the user by saving them on a USB memory stick, which requires no internet access to run.
A website (www.e-geiokratis.gr), which provides information to its visitors on health matters.

Diabetics, pregnant women, athletes, elderly and people who travel a lot, can store their medical record on this USB and use it in case of an emergency to avoid any delays.
The students have scheduled a meeting with the Greek Minister of Health, Adonis Geogiadis, so as to present their idea.

E-geiokratis was entirely funded by the Entrepreneurship Association, which has been running for three consecutive years at the PIERCE American College Of Greece.


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