Europe Loves Alcohol, But Not As Much As Russia

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Greece and its European neighbors rank among the countries with the highest alcohol consumption rates, according to World Health Organization (WHO) data.

The map revealed that the Russians and their neighbors, the Belarusians and the Ukrainians, are the world’s heaviest boozers, although given the temperature and political climate in that region, this might be understandable.

Portugal, Grenada and Andorra are also partial to a tipple (or 20), downing more than 12.5 liters per person per year over the age of 15 in 2010.

Greece WHO map for Alcohol Consumptionand her European cousins (except Italy and Scandanavia) also like to raise their glasses, with alcohol consumption varying from 10 to 12.4 liters per person in 2010.

Canadians drink more compared to their American neighbors, ranking in the same category with most European countries. Few will be surprised to hear that Australia also has elevated alcohol consumption rates, with Aussies on average knocking back 12.2 liters a year. Alcohol consumption in northern Africa is considerably lower, however, although consumption rates in South Africa and Namibia are on a par with their antipodean friends across the Indian Ocean.

According to the WHO report, 48% of people abstain completely from drinking alcohol, so per capita alcohol consumption would be even higher for those who do like a tipple.

Russia’s extreme rates are a major cause for concern as, according to a recent study, many of its early deaths could be attributed to alcohol-related problems such as liver cirrhosis, alcohol poisoning and fatal car accidents.