Acropolis Museum Among 20 Best in the World

acropolis museum

In light of International Museum Day on May 18, web magazine’s “Achdaily” editors made a list of the top twenty museums in the world. The list includes famous museums, such as the Acropolis Museum and MAXXI, and some of the less well-known such as the Medieval Museum, Natural History Museum of Utah, and Muritzeum, which were chosen for their inspired architecture.

The editors included Acropolis Museum on their list taking into consideration the rich archaeological collections hosted inside the Museum and the utmost simplicity of its design, which is strongly connected with the mathematical and conceptual clarity of Ancient Greece. Its location also seems ideal since it stands less than 1,000 feet southeast of the Parthenon, in the historic Makrigianni district, fitting perfectly into its “natural” environment. The top floor Parthenon Gallery offers a spectacular panoramic view of Acropolis and modern Athens. The entrance links the Museum to other key archaeological sites in Athens.


  1. This is a stunning facility, damaged only by the continued theft of parthenon pieces by the Vatican Museum, the Louvre, Elgin’s family estate and the corrupt London Museum.


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