Ten Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home in Greece

Greek-Islands-KefaloniaAs more and more foreigners are targeting the Greek real estate market for the purpose of investing and securing their own place in Greece, international real estate agency Algean Property covers the top ten reasons why foreigners should buy a home in Greece, underlining that the country is among the last “unexplored” European paradises for vacation home owners.

The top reason to buy a house in Greece — as revealed by Algean Property — is the easy and direct access by all means of transport, including airplanes, boats, and cars. Considering especially air transfer, the article refers to the 21 international airports located across Greece’s mainland and islands, and the active interest shown by many large airlines like British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air Berlin, Aegean Airlines, Norwegian, Ryanair, EasyJet, Brussels Airlines, Transavia and Ellin Air.

The second reason relates to the very good climate Greece has to offer its visitors throughout the year. The average temperature is 18 degrees C, with more than 300 days of 8.5 hours sunshine daily, mentions the article.

The article also gets into Greece’s coastline, which “are double the coastlines of Spain and Portugal, featuring almost 400 beaches awarded with blue flags,” and is at 13,676km the lengthiest coastline in the Mediterranean, thus providing ideal locations for vacation homes to be bought and built.

The 10 reasons for acquiring a holiday home in Greece are:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Weather
  3. Culture
  4. Coastline
  5. Quality of life
  6. Crime rate
  7. Cost of living
  8. Investment in a rising destination
  9. Transaction cost
  10. Legal framework – Residence permit


  1. Here are 10 more
    11. Need a tax write off
    12. Bank account overdrawn enough to be declared destitute.
    13. Enjoy haggling with the taxing authorities.
    14. SDOE inspectors are your friends.
    15. Secret get-away
    16. Topless tourists
    17. Speak Greek to Russians
    18. Drink and already be home
    19. Neighbor’s free range goats are tasty
    20. Hide out for MPs or former PM

  2. It’s not worth having a home in Greece if you’re not going there at least twice a year. I go to Greece every 4 years. I pay someone that owns apartments by the ocean and stay for 3 weeks and that’s it…peace of mind. No need to pay my cousin to keep an eye on the house, pay for repairs, cleaning. etc..Plus why spend so much money to buy in Greece when i could be using it for a down payment for a home in my home country?

  3. This article is about people who want to live, or / and have a vacation home at Greece. Not about tourists who visit the country less often.

  4. Here are 10 reasons not to:

    1. Surprise taxes you didn’t expect
    2. More taxes that you didn’t expect next year
    3. Bureaucracy
    4. You’ll never find a reliable builder
    5. Opening a bank account is nearly impossible
    6. Bribes to connect utilities will bankrupt you
    7. Greek accountants will bankrupt you
    8. You can’t bring your car in
    9. Surprise relatives of the person you bought the house off saying that it actually belongs to them
    10. Fines for taxes and laws you never even knew existed

  5. I have many homes in Greece and I have never had a problem. I’ve had more problems in the states and in the south of France. I have many foreign neighbors and Greek as well and they have never had a problem. If your an idiot you may have a problem. I am not and I enjoy my properties in Greece very very much.