Crete Village of Doctors Without a Doctor

villageThe village of Mesi, in the region of Rethimno, Crete, Greece has a long medical tradition. Despite its small populatio, many of its residents work as doctors in hospital and clinics of Crete and Attica, while many young people choose to study medicine. According to, 13 out of 30 village residents are doctors.

However, despite being a village of doctors, the rural doctor hasn’t visited the area for two years. “In the past, the doctor used to come once a month,” say the dissapointed and angry residents who are deprived of basic medical care. They have to travel to neighboring villages or to the hospital of Rethimno, to have medical examinations.

As required by the Greek Health Ministry, the authorities have placed an antenna for internet access, which is supposed to help the doctor’s work. However the antenna hasn’t been activated yet.