New Exit Poll Shows SYRIZA Leading

European Elections: GreecePollWatch, the research institute financed by the European Parliament, in a recent poll on the euro elections on May 25, gives Greek main opposition party, SYRIZA, a lead of 3.6 units.

For Greece, PollWatch, citing figures from the researches conducted by the companies Palmos and Alco, on May 14 and 15, estimates that SYRIZA with 29.6% will win 7 seats in the European Parliament, New Democracy with 26% will get 6 seats, Golden Dawn and the River with 8% will win 2 seats each while Elia (6.5%), the Communist party (6%), Independent Greeks (5.1%) and Democratic Left (3.2%) will get 1 seat each.

PollWatch estimates that the European People’s Party (EPP) will win 217 seats in the European Parliament, ahead of 201 seats for the center-left Socialists & Democrats. The socialists have increased their seats to 201 from 194 while EPP has lost many seats (217 from 275). It seems that the European Left Party has recorded an impressive estimated rise of today’s seats, from 35 to 53, an increase of over 50%.

PollWatch also recorded an impressive increase of MEPs who do not belong to any of the parties of the European Parliament. Many of these MEPs come from the French National Front of Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders‘ Dutch Freedom party. 

Greece is the only European country where a party of the European left comes first. In Italy the slate “Another Europe with Tsipras” is estimated to stand at 4% and to win three seats.


  1. greece may become a mix of parties in the government and they will take the money from outside and use for themselves and people will rise up and remove all of them…and chaos will be like syria or ukraine

  2. If there is an unification of the right extremist with the left … syriza than you will have a central position that may do better for Greece who need not to tax 75% the rich so they dont leave and put people to work in the agriculture and tourism and print its own euros if wants to stay in the EU, so the money is not just controlled by the central bank of EU acting like federal rezerve and moscow in the soviet union system leaving the so called provinces nations of the europe to starve and wait from the top to throw some bones. South Europe can not be like north where people are robots for work and war. South is for arts and good time which is the best model to be copy and not to be destroyed in all south countries from the invasion of the barbarians from the north and east. So greeks must be smart and stop being stupid like a million heads..parties with many voives but be one voice, gather, unite because they were corrupted,divided, to be weak and to fall… and there must be unite the same all parties in Italy,spain and portugal and create their own union…


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