Turkish Warships in Greek Waters

    turkish frigateGreece’s National Defence General Staff said a Turkish frigate and a missile boat violated Greek territorial waters on Tuesday, May 20, during a military exercise.

    Turkish frigate Turgut Reis entered the Kafirea strait between Evia and the island of Andros and left Greek waters at 17:50, while the “Bora” missile boat entered Greek waters north of the island of Naxos on westward course at 13:21 and left Greek waters at 15:24

    According to the NDGS announcement, the two Turkish boats were under surveillance by the Greek Navy throughout their entire journey.

    The frequent violations of the Greek waters and air space by the Turkish navy and air force has strained Greek-Turkish relations. According to figures from NDGS, so far, in 2014 there have been 681 violations of the Greek air space while in 2013 the violations of the Greek territorial waters amounted to 353. 


    1. Where are Siemens submarines when we need them. Akis needs to make a call from his jail cell / summer palace. National Defense Minister Avramopoulos is too busy packing to be bothered.

    2. And who will sink them? Greece can’t afford fuel for their military let alone a war with a far superior power.

    3. Hey NATO, keep the peace or disband. Hey Obama, treat the Hellenic people fairly for once