Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Strikes Greece; Shakes Turkey (video)

    An earthquake rattled Greece this Saturday

    A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck off the coast of Greece on Saturday, about 69 km (43 mi) south-southwest of Alexandroupolis, at a depth of 10.0km (6.2mi) in the Aegean sea between the Greek islands of Limnos and Samothraki, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

    The quake at 12.27pm was felt in Athens and Istanbul and scared Greek islanders, while two aftershocks 0f magnitude 4.7 at 12.31pm and 5.0 at 12.34pm followed the main quake. The U.S Geological Survey noted the possibility of strong waves as a result of the earthquake.

    Three people reported injured in Greece and thirty in Turkey after the strong quake.

    The Institute of Geophysics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki said the quake was a magnitude of 6.3; the U.S. Geological Survey initially reported a magnitude of 6.4, later revised to 6.9.

    In the past three months, several smaller earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 4.1 to 5.6 have hit Cephalonia, Kozani, Hydra and Pyrgos, although none caused fatalities.

    The Mediterranean region is seismically active due to the northward convergence (4-10 mm/yr) of the African plate with respect to the Eurasian plate along a complex plate boundary.

    Earthquakes have historically caused widespread damage across central and southern Greece, the island of Crete, Cyprus, Sicily and elsewhere in the region, especially Turkey.

    In January, a series of strong earthquakes on the western island of Kefalonia damaged hundreds of homes and injured more than a dozen people.

    Watch a video recorded at the time of the magnitude 6.4 quake:

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