Former Minister Andreas Loverdos Returns to PASOK

loverdosTwo days after the European, municipal and regional elections in Greece, Andreas Loverdos, a former MP with socialists PASOK, has stated that he intends to return to the party fold. In December 2012, Loverdos left PASOK in order to set up his own party, RIKKSY.

Speaking to Greek newspaper To Vima, Loverdos also said that Christos Aidonis, another former PASOK MP, has also decided to return to the party as well as Markos Bolaris and Mimis Androulakis. However, Androulakis has refuted these allegations and claimed that he prefers to stand as an independent MP. If they return to PASOK, the party’s parliamentary group will number 29 MPs.

PASOK collected 8% of the votes in Sunday’s, May 25 elections for local government and European Parliament with its center-left coalition Elia.

From 3 January 2002 until 7 March 2004, Loverdos served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In October 2009 he was appointed as a Minister for Employment and Social Security. He held the post until September 2010, when he was appointed to the post of Minister for Health and Social Solidarity.


  1. RIKKSY – why didn’t he just call it RISKY? Stunning how these jokers can form and dissolve political parties. Samaras, Bakogianni and Loverdos plus countless others.

  2. I smell a good old fashion Putsch in the making for PASOK lead from behind the scenes by a former PM.


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