Cretan Photographer Wins ‘Planta Europa’ Competition

    basias photographyNick Basias, a photographer from Chania, on the Greek island of Crete, has won the photography competition themed on the beauty of the wild plants of Europe.

    Basias’ photograph of a bee on a flower charmed the panel of judges from countries including Algeria, Armenia, Canada, Kazakhstan and Pakistan, who had gathered for the 7th Planta Europa conference on “Plants for People, People for Plants”, held last week at the Museum of Cretan Flora of the Institute of Theology and Ecology at the Orthodox Academy of Crete.

    Planta Europa is a network of independent persons and organisations, non-governmental and governmental, who work together in order to conserve European wild plants and fungi. The joint goal of all Planta Europa members is to halt the loss of wild-plant diversity in Europe.