Tsipras Invites Greek Industrialists to Strike ‘New Social Deal’

Tsipras_SEVMain opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras has invited Greece’s industrialists to strike “a new social deal for a new Greece” – one aimed at the country’s reconstruction and growth – in his address to the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) annual general assembly on Wednesday.

Tsipras also repeated his warnings that the government should not proceed with significant decisions without first seeking consensus, on the grounds that it now lacked the political and moral legitimacy to do so.

He stressed that, for SYRIZA, growth was more than just a number with a plus sign attached but a complex of policies and interventions for people and their needs, and repeated his invitation to SEV to “cooperate with sincerity and develop a functional institutional relationship.”

“We have a difficult road ahead of us and we know full well that we are not going to take over ‘burnt land’. We will take over a country divided and dismantled – politically, economically and socially – and we will reunite it together. We will lead it to the safe and fertile ground of reconstruction, of growth, of democracy and social justice,” he said.

Commenting on the political scene emerging after the European elections, Tsipras said the Greek people had given a clear mandate for a change of policy and shown their disapproval of the current government by granting SYRIZA a clear and indisputable victory.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. this guy is scaring the rich class of greece when he wrotte in his party program that he will tax the rich 75 % and the rich class is the only class that greece has left after was destroyed middle and low class to starvation. Before this guy comes to power the rich may all leave with their money and close all their businesses in greece and there is nothing more left in greece but just to sell olives and olive oil and tourism in 5-6 months.It looks like a Cuba socialism now with suager and tourism

  2. I thought that this guy had in plan to confiscate all or much of the money and wealth of the rich class in greece so what may be his plan now? Why doesnt he call the UN for help and greek peasents to give free food for the majority of the greeks who are not working and eating anymore? It looks like he has a true vision of the world of tomorrow, a big plantation with famine and starving slaves who are not needed