Human Rights Court Condemns Greece

hands on prison bars

The Human Rights Court condemned Greece today, May 29 for violations of Article 3 of the Convention of Human Rights, which prohibits any inhuman and degrading treatment, by judging the appeal  “Tsokas and others” against Greece. The case was about the detention conditions in the prison in Tripoli, Greece.  Its prisoners have been either convicted or are waiting for trial on sexual offenses.

According to Tsokas and the other five detainees’ arguments, while 65 prisoners should be housed in the prison cells, their number increased to 177 in January 2009, then to 185 in June 2012 and a few months later to 215.

There were allegedly only nine showers in the yard, the heating came from six oil stoves that could not operate simultaneously, there was no air conditioning or ventilation in the cells during summer, the toilets were in a very bad condition, and the food was of low quality.

The Court accepted their arguments and condemned Greece for violating the provisions of Article 3 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights on the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment.

In its judgment the Court obliges Greek authorities to pay a 133,000€ compensation to the prisoners for moral damage.


  1. Well, maybe the Human Rights Organization should consider taking them detainees to 5 Star Delux hotels in their own city

  2. Yes and six GD MPs are among those incarcerated as political prisoners without a trial. Seems that little morsel of truth has escaped the attention of the bloviating Human Rights Court.


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