Fugitive Fake Doctor Ran Skyros Hospital for 13 Years

Fake-Doctor-Ran-SkyrosA fake doctor who ran Skyros Hospital for 13 years has gone to ground. Ioannis Kastanis applied for the job to the Ministry of Health in 1999, submitting fake degrees from ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome.

The fraud came to light on May 15, when the Ministry of Health issued an order revoking Kastanis’ 14-year tenure as head of medicine at Skyros regional hospital.

His supposed degree had been recognized by the relevant Greek authority (Dikatsa) and translations of the certificates were validated by police. However, the authenticity of certificates was never verifed.

The fraud began in 1993 when Argolida prefecture licensed Kastanis to practise as a doctor, enabling him to work at Patras Agios Andreas Hospital, and later, Skyros, where his Ferrari and private airplane achieved him a degree of notoriety.

The Greek Ministry of Health started investigating him after a complaint was filed by a citizen. Health Inspectors Union found  ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome had no registry of him as a doctor. Besides all his certificates being fake, he also had three tax registration numbers and three ID cards.

A criminal prosecution is pending against Kastanis, who has gone into hiding, a fugitive.


  1. And sadder still is the next time you go to the hospital, and god-forbid, have to go under the knife, that your surgeon didn’t attend the Ioannis Kastanis School Medicine and Fairy
    Tales. Pathetic!

    Maybe a fitting punishment would be to go back over 14 years of his “directorship” and bring a law suit against him for “malpractice” in every case where patients died.

    Personally, I would be happy with just locking him in his Ferrari for about a week with no food or water.

    Let’s all hope that Dr. M*lakas here is not just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. But did anyone else think maybe heads should roll down at the infamous Dikatsa?

    It’s not very comforting to know these fools are the only thing between we the public and sociopathic, money-grubbing impostors?

  3. Tonto if you have to God Forbid go under the knife go to the UK, Germany or ask a relative that’s a doctor, but NEVER expect the healthcare system is there to help you.