Greece Can’t Accomodate More than 20 Million Tourists

Greece-tourism-airportsTourism agencies estimate that this year the number of tourists who will visit Greece amounts to almost 20 million. However this number, as impressive as it sounds, is the “ceiling” for Greece, as the country can’t  provide quality services to more than 20 million tourists.

More specifically, the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises, (SETE) estimates that arrivals will reach 19 million while highlightes the need for investments in hotel infrastructure. According to the president of SETE, Andreas Andreakis, Greece needs 150,000 beds in order to meet the increasing demand.

Tourism agents believe that the target of 24 million tourist arrivals by 2021, will be achieved much earlier than expected. However, Andreadis points out that Greece can host up to 20 million tourists given that the quality of the provided tourism services is an issue of primary importance.

The president of the Hotel Association of Kefalonia and member Chamber of Hotels, Spyros Galiatsatos mentioned the important role of the airlines development in the increase of Greek tourism. He stated that in Kefalonia tourist arrivals increased by 31% in 2014 while he said that 85% of tourists arrive in Greece by air.

It should be noted that scheduled flights to Greece have increased in comparison to charter flights. According to SETE, this is a very positive development as it creates a balance in the distribution networks, and hence in demand.


  1. I actually think Greece can easily accomodate more than 20,000,000 tourists no problem. What Greece cannot do, is accomodate all of these tourists in June, July, August and September, but why should tourists visit Greece only in summer?
    Athens is much better in autumn or spring, and so are many archaeological sites.
    Greece is not just beaches, good food, and party.


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