Vandals Desecrate Jewish Cemetery in Thessaloniki

jewish cemetary

A caretaker of the Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki arrived to a horrible scene on Thursday morning, May 28, as reported by Daniel Saletiel, head of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki. The graves had been vandalized, ornaments had been smashed and even grave covers looked like they were moved.

“The police will do whatever is humanly possible to arrest the vandals” stated the Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

Thessaloniki housed a major Jewish Community of 50,000 people during the Second World War, 96 percent of who were murdered in concentration camps.

The Golden Dawn party however, expressing fascist and anti-Semitic views, claims that the Nazi’s never used ovens and gas chambers to exterminate Jews in concentration camps.

The Greek neo-Nazi party has gained popularity over the past years and recently managed to elect three politicians as Members of the European Parliament. The Jewish community is worried about the Greek voters’ preference towards the anti-Semitic party, which promotes the come-back of fascism.

Furthermore, Golden Dawn’s leader and two more members are accused of forming a criminal group and illegal gun possession but they deny all charges.


  1. The lowest form of humanity are the Vandals. What punishment do we inflict on them without us becoming like them. Most likely it was the work of stupid children. Destroying headstones at the the Jewish cemetery is heartbreaking.
    Theodora Matsaidoni linking the Vandalism with Golden Dawn shows desrespect for all those Jews that stood for logic and ethics, and, ended their days in the hands of the Nazis. Most Jews were ordinary people, but my Grandparents and Parents did remember those that were far above the ordinary; they were brave ethical people who were not afraid of ideas or words.
    The greatest victory against Golden Dawn for those that oppose them is to let them sit in Parliament, let them show that they are incapable of contributing to society, and, they disappear forever in the next elections.
    Coming down to their alleged level and showing complete disrespect for the rule of law by those that oppose them, and, jailing them and persecuting in an unfair manner will make them heroes forever. Forever people will say the only democracy that is allowed is the one approved by the “ruling class”. The Greek Fascist legal system that cannot distinguish between right and wrong or understand what democracy means, will bury the dream of a real Greek democracy, and, have Golden Dawn join the list of Greek Heroes that stood against the mighty and the foreigners.
    The difference between a Democracy and Fascism/Stalinism is that the real Democratic system is brave enough to allow all words to be heard, it doesnot fear words. In the future people will say Greeks were such low life scum that with the first test of their Democracy they reverted to Fascist / Stalinist ideals. Their ideals were sacrificed for some vengeance on a small silly bunch of foolish monkeys that is Golden Dawn.
    Putting Golden Dawn up to the same level as the well organized Nazis is a little game that the Greek Left needs to make themselves relevant; when they too are the dust of the last Century.