Google Street View of Greece Online Soon

street view

Greece will be included in the ‘Street View’ service by Google maps as of next week. Users will have the opportunity to navigate virtually through wide-angle photos of Greek streets.

The expansion of Street View service to Greece will be announced officially on June 5 when more details, including the exact names of the regions uploaded to Street View so far, are expected to be revealed.

Although special Google camera cars appeared in Greece on April 2009, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority only approved Google’s application to take 3D photos of Greece in November 2013.

The approval clearly states that registration plates and faces must appear blurred in pan pictures. It also underlines that a tool is needed to enable every user to ask for pixelation if they are distinctly visible.


  1. What has happened to the Athenian sleepy clowns?
    They only took four years to approve Google taking pictures.
    They might even remember to clean some graffiti and garbage of the streets ?