Fake Doctor’s Offense Gets Statute Barred

Fake-Doctor-Ran-SkyrosAll Greece was shocked when the case of the fake doctor, who ran Skyros hospital for 13 years, went public. Ioannis Kastanis had applied for the job submitting fake degrees, validated by Greek authorities. The doctor became notorious for possessing a Ferrari car and a private airplane.

However, General Inspector of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis stated that the offense is now statute-barred, wondering “No one noticed this man’s degree? Did this person provide medical advice?” He also added that he had never been informed about the incident by local authorities in order to investigate this case earlier.

Leandros Rakintzis gave the following example to highlight the law gap “ If I had placed a bomb in Syntagma square 20 years ago and this bomb explodes today, the offense is statute barred.”