DIMAR Leader Hands in his Resignation to the Party’s Central Committee

kouvelis124Greece ‘s Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader Fotis Kouvelis handed in his resignation to the party’s Central Committee that convenes on Saturday under the shadow of the heavy defeat in the euroelections and asked from all the party members to safeguard the unity in order the party to continue with coordination.

Kouvelis also proposed a party’s Congress to take place in autumn and until then DIMAR’s Central Committee to decide on the party’s political direction. For this reason, he proposed DIMAR to contribute into the creation of a new authority block with active participation in the effort towards the forming of the centre-left and with the participation of main opposition SYRIZA, if and when it clarifies its European course.

The DIMAR leader also ruled out the possibility of cooperation with New Democracy adding that he will approach PASOK, ELIA and POTAMI and other independent progressive movements and personalities in the area of Ecology in order to secure the strong presence of the democratic socialism in the political developments.

“The Cassandras have anticipated the end of DIMAR. But they will be proved again wrong. The Democratic Left will be present in the developments and will heal its wounds. It will contribute in the country’s revival through progressive governmental solutions” concluded Kouvelis.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. But you Fotis will not be there at the helm of DIMAR to prove or not the Cassandras were correct. What an egotist.