Support the Restoration of the Ancient Agora of Athens (VIDEO)

agoraThe Leontida Foundation as part of its activities to promote Greek history, culture and democracy invites you to spread and support the campaign for the architectural and cultural restoration and enhancement of the Ancient Agora of Athens.

The Agora of Athens is the birthplace of Democracy – the first place of expression of opinion, open to every citizen. Freedom of Speech, Equality of Speech, Equality before Law and Justice are just some of the ideas born in the Agora. In addition, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenes and Pericles are some of the great personalities who lived and taught here. The Market in this ancient land, inspired these important figures and their vision for Democracy and Progress.

The aim of the Leontida Foundation is to create a movement of citizens who will share the vision of the market and will finance the reconstruction and restoration of these ancient monuments of humanity. Based on information from recent archaeological research, we can now safely and accurately restore the entire Market. At the same time, the architectural restoration of the Market will turn the Agora into a cultural center (with theatrical performances, musical events, academic conferences, etc.) and a center of Democracy (centre for Democratic Studies, Institute of promotion and development of Democracy worldwide, etc.).

The success of our project will make our country once again mother and guardian of democratic ideals, while Athens will again become the global capital of Democracy. It is a given that such a development will have touristic, economic and political benefits for the country.

With your help and your support, the Foundation can reconstruct the Market and restore its glory and its vision for the promotion of democracy worldwide. Support the effort of Leontida. Support Democracy.

(by Maria Kyriallidi)


  1. Yes is fantastic idea and at the time that democracy in Greece is threatened by extreme entities of violent little parties.


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