The Greek National Opera Performs Don Giovanni


The Greek National Opera presents one of the greatest operas of Mozart, Don Giovanni, conducted by Lucas Karytinos and directed by John Chouvardas at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus during the Athens Festival on June 11, 13-15.

John Chouvardas, directing for the first time in Greece, is looking for the psychological motives of the hero, who “abuses everyone and everything, but most of all himself,” says the director.

In this masterpiece Mozart describes through a unique musical project, the story of a noble man, Don Giovanni, who breaches every moral value and in the end is being punished for his actions. He tries to rape Donna Anna and in his attempt to escape he kills her father. However, the victim returns and puts pressure on Don Giovanni to repent his evil deeds. The hero has no remorse and at the most dramatic scene is dragged to hell.

John Chouvardas has directed opera productions with great success in European Opera Houses such as the Gothenburg Opera and the Royal Opera in Copenhagen. The insight of the director in this innovative work, Don Giovanni, is being anticipated with great interest at the Odeon of the Herodes Atticus.

The set designer, Eva Manidaki, costume designer, Ioanna Tsami, lighting designer, Lefteris Pavlopoulos and the distinguished cast all contribute to this promising performance.