First Greek Manga Dedicated to Thessaloniki’s History

    manga-thessalonikiThe Greek team “Mangatellers” using the techniques of Japanese comics, created the first Greek manga talking about Thessaloniki‘s history and current life.

    In the framework of the European Youth Capital 2014, Mangatellers were invited to create a magazine which would present the culture and history of the city.

    The characters of the comic, Jin, Kisi and Keigko guide the readers in Thessaloniki. The first Greek Manga is entitled “Thessaloniki through time.” It is written in English and Greek and contains two stories, one on ancient Thessaloniki, entitled “Run” and the other on the contemporary city, entitled “Mythos.”

    The “Mangatellers” team consists of the screenwriters Hatzopoulos Kariofillis Hristos and Voutsidis Raphael, the comic artist Lagouvardos Manos and the 3D artist Efimidis Nikitas.

    The comic’s 5000 printed copies are distributed free of charge. The first Greek manga was authorized by the Japanese embassy in Greece, to participate in the eighth global competition for foreign manga creators which will take place in Japan.

    What distinguishes manga from other comics is that they can be read backwards, as if starting from the end. The images are also drawn from right to left.

    In Greece about 30,000 people are into the creation of manga and their adaptation into anime (animated productions usually featuring hand-drawn or computer animation).


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