Golden Dawn MP Released on Bail; Banned from Speaking Publicly


    Golden Dawn lawmaker Michalis Arvanitis was released from custody on Friday.  He was remanded in custody on charges of directing and participating in a criminal organization.

    After testifying at the Greek highest court’s investigating magistrates Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou, the 72 year-old Golden Dawn lawmaker was released on restrictive orders. Arvanitis was ordered not to leave Greece and was banned from speaking publicly in any Golden Dawn party assemblies outside the Greek Parliament.

    The ban from participating in his Party’s assemblies was an unprecedented order in Greek judicial history. During his testimony, Arvanitis invoked the right to remain silent, he read out a one-paragraph statement and refused to answer any further questions.

    “I am a member of a political party. I don’t belong in any criminal organization.  My prosecution is disgraceful and unacceptable.” stated Arvanitis.

    After the proceedings, both Arvanitis and Golden Dawn’s spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris, said that the Greek government is trying to suppress the members of the party.

    Greek authorities have launched a wide investigation into Golden Dawn’s activities. Many of the party’s members, including its head, Nikos Michaloliakos are also accused of participating and directing a criminal organization.

    On Tuesday, Golden Dawn MP, Nikos Kouzilos, was arrested after the police found photographs proving that he was involved in attacks against anarchists.  Moreover, on Thursday, the wife of Golden Dawn leader, and also Golden Dawn MP herself, Eleni Zaroulia, was given by the court an extension until Tuesday to prepare her deposition.


    1. “The ban from participating in his Party’s assemblies was an unprecedented order in Greek judicial history.”

      Well it needs to understood, that as Baltakos, the former top aide to Greece’s PM Antonis Samaras was caught saying on hidden camera, the Greek judiciary has been instructed by the Greek PM Samaras, Greek Justice Minister Athannasiou, & (now former Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias) to imprison Golden Dawn’s MP’s and in general to dismantle the party to prevent New Democracy voters from switching allegiance to Golden Dawn.

      Greece is not a democracy. Its a banana republic ruled by the Samaras-Venizelos Junta, & a corrupted, politically controlled judiciary.

      Notice how the pseudo democrats who are opposed to Golden Dawn stay silent or even make excuses for the trampling of democracy when it comes to the assault on Golden Dawn, Greece’s 3rd largest political party.