Greek FinMin Cleaners Appeal to European Court

    Cleaners-PASOK officesThe suspended cleaners of the Greek Finance Ministry have announced that they will appeal to the European Court claiming their reappointment.

    On Thursday the Supreme Court of Greece accepted the appeal of the Finance Ministry, which requested a delay in the implementation of a court decision to rehire its cleaners who are temporarily suspended. The ministry had appealed to the Court in an effort to temporarily freeze an earlier Athens court decision which vindicated the suspended cleaners and ordered their reappointment. According to the Supreme Court’s decision, the cleaners will remain in availability until September 23.

    As they announced in a press conference, they will also submit a complaint to the prosecutor against the Greek police for using violence against them. Furthermore, they will ask for the removal of Vassilis Kikilias, current Minister of Citizen Protection, from the Medical Association, because of Thursday’s violent incidents.

    Concerning the decision of the Supreme Court which didn’t vindicate them, the cleaners stated that the Finance Ministry didn’t provide evidence proving that the Greek State suffered damage from their salaries.

    The cleaners claimed that although they are suspended, they are paid 70% of their salary. At the same time the Finance Ministry has a contract with a private cleaning company and paying more money for the service.