Greece is 1 of 196 Countries Monitored by Germany

Germany Internet MonitoringAccording to Greek news, Greece is among the 196 countries that are currently being monitored by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). Considering Germany’s strong opposition when Snowden revealed the U.S. spying activities, this came as a surprise.

As it was reported after several German documents came to light, BND has been monitoring internet activity in various countries, through e-mail and internet telecommunications.

According to newspaper Ta Nea, the revelations surfaced when the relevant documents were filed during a dispute between a German lawyer and BND. It was revealed then that BND monitors internet activity in order to track international terrorist activity, however the extent of foreign target monitoring was not made clear.

The German lawyer sued BND because he thought that his communication via e-mail with foreign customers may be a target of the agency’s monitoring, while he also believes that BDN did not have the right to spy on him, since he is a German citizen.

Besides Greece, there are 195 more countries and regions which are part of the list of countries that have been monitored by Germany since April 2010.

Three Greek telecommunications companies are currently co-operating with DE-CIX, the largest telecommunications provider in Germany. The three Greek companies are OTEGlobe, Forthnet and Cyprus’ CYTA. According to the German magazine Spiegel, BND has been monitoring Greece through these internet providers. Furthermore, they have also been collaborating with major internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay and LinkedIn.


  1. maybe BND is the old KGB in the west after the soviet union took over the west and created the EU…but the list means that like china and other countries working for the globalists…germany is used as a paid mercenary to run the EU and control the EU via old Stasi…and so are used china which took over the west via north america as a paid agent of the world elite using the world left…

  2. I think BND is left over of Hittler’s GESTAPO rather than than the the the KGB.Whatever it maybe Germany is guilty of hypocrisy among other things.