85 in 100 Unemployed Do Not Receive Benefits

unemploymentOnly 150,000 unemployed people from the one million that are currently registered in the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) are receiving their unemployment benefits, said the chairman of OAED, Theodoros Ambatzoglou.

According to the OAED chairman, there will be no new benefit programs for unemployed people, seeing as the funds from previous programs have yet to be absorbed.

In regards to the program of summer camps for children of unemployed citizens, he said that it was very successful and will probably be reopened. Furthermore, he added that the Manpower Employment Organization was planning on abolishing family benefits as of July 1, 2014, which will be now distributed by the Agricultural Insurance Organization (OGA).

Moreover, Ambatzoglou noted that OAED is planning on supporting young entrepreneurs, with 10,000 euros per beneficiary of the National Strategic Reference Frameworks (NSRF) programs that are already underway. He also announced that unemployed citizens who will be hired in the private sector as part of NSRF’s new programs will also receive certain benefits.

The programs will involve companies which will receive 450 euros per month for one year, while the difference in salary and insurance costs will be covered by the employer.



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  2. First of all, no one is going to receive cash benefits forever except a disabled worker. That is totally ridiculous and no taxpayer should accept that. What the government does not crack down on are the employers offering jobs for more than three months to “test” employees without pay. This trick is unfair to people who want to work and those employers are getting free work and without paying any taxes.