Greek Brand Brings Ancient Greek Clothing Back into Fashion


Founded one year ago in Samothrace, Greece, Greek fashion company “Arsinoe de Thrace,” stands out by combining ancient Greek clothing with contemporary design.

The founders of “Arsinoe de Thrace” are three Greek women determined to leave their own mark on the global fashion industry by introducing haute couture garments inspired by the ancient Greek style of Arsinoe, the ancient queen of Thrace.

The company was founded by Katerina Karayanni with Katerina Saakidou being responsible for the production of the garments, and Katja Heidrich as head designer. Each dress is made of  raw Greek materials, such as pure silk and cashmere from the Greek town of Soufli, known for its silk production.

Arsinoe de Thrace’s fashion shows take place in museums since they blend better with the surroundings. “One of our fashion shows was held at the Glyptothek in Munich and now we are preparing to travel to the Louvre in Paris for the next one!” said the company’s founder.