Greek Reporter’s New Mobile App is Awesome and Free!

Greek Reporter's new mobile App

It took us some time, but GreekReporter’s new mobile App is awesome and available now in the App Store and on Google Play.

Greek Reporter’s official free application is one of the best Greek news sources available for all things Greek from Politics to Greek Soccer, Live TV & Radio, and more! Our application is designed to give you instant access on the go to all the great features of and also let you send us photos, articles and your opinion with just a tap on your screen.

In addition, our live feed from the Greek Public Television comes in handy for the 2014 World Cup. Now you can watch the game live from your phone!

Download it to your iPhone


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See all the features below:

▪ Greek News 24/7: Get all the latest news updates from Greece and the global Greek diaspora.

▪ Favorites Section: Save a story and have it available even when your device is not connected to the internet. Click on the star button above an article and it will be saved in the favorites section to read later.

▪ Video: Watch all of our videos from our app-integrated youtube channel!

▪ Live TV & Radio: Live feeds of Greek Public TV & radio.

▪ Opinion: Post and read comments from your smartphone.

▪ Be the reporter: Send us a picture or video that you captured. Browse the menu and tap on “Submit content.” Then open your phone’s library and send us your file with a click of a button.

▪ Name Days: Never forget your friends’ name day again! Just click on the “Name Days” tab and our app will let you know what names we celebrate each day.

With a network of reporters around the largest Greek centers of the world and the most updated news stories from Greece, is the largest international Greek news website and news agency reporting 24/7.

For other smartphones access our Html5 version (Tap and save to your home screen)


Who helped us make our App :
It takes a lot of work to design and make an App but Good Barber makes everything simpler. This European company with its young and innovative team has brought a lot to the mobile App world. They provide a great platform to build native iPhone and Android apps, allowing you to take control of every detail of your app without producing a single line of code. In case you need an App you should definitely visit

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