Greek Labor Market Suffering Shortfalls

job requirement shortfallAccording to Manpower Group’s recent “talent shortfall survey” for 2014, even though unemployment in Greece is at its highest, 4 out of every 10 employers find it difficult to fill several posts with the appropriate staff.

“Forty two percent of employers are finding it difficult to fill posts in Greece,” states the survey. Compared to 2013 figures, the percentage of employers who cannot find personnel with the appropriate skills has risen by four points, while compared to the global average it is a six percentage point higher.

Manpower Group noted that these percentages show that the Greek labor market is suffering from significant shortfalls, which mostly concern the necessary work experience (42%), technical skills (29%), professional skills (19%), and available candidates (18%).

Greek companies have commented that their inability to fill certain posts has had a strong impact on them, mostly because they are not able to reach the number of clients they wish to approach. The posts that show shortage of skillful employees are: professional salespeople, senior officers, specialized workers, accounting and financial staff, menial laborers, machinery operators, and sales directors.

Venetia Kousia, CEO of Manpower Group spoke of two dominant trends in today’s Greece. “Senior officers and sales officers at any level remain hard to find due to the lack of necessary skills, and professions perceived as second-rate such as menial workers also have a limited supply of candidates due to population movements and demographics.”