Thousands of Greek Vehicles Uninsured

    carsThe Greek Public Order and Citizen Protection Ministry traffic police department sent a document to Parliament, which states  that thousands of vehicles have no  insurance and haven’t passed technical tests for roadworthiness (KTEO).

    In a document signed by the former Public Order and Citizen Protection Minister, Nikos Dendias on June 3 before his transfer to the Ministry of Development, traffic police said that 10,925 tickets had been handed out to vehicle owners who failed to produce evidence of passing the KTEO test and 18,501 tickets to those who hadn’t insured their vehicles in the first four months of the year.

    The Democratic Left MP Asiminia Xirotiri-Aikaterinari claimed that the problem of uninsured vehicles in Greece is a major road safety issue as well as a major loss of revenue for the Greek State. 

    Greek Deputy Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Minister Michalis Papadopoulos said that in 2012 and 2013 only 4,030,781 vehicles had a certified KTEO techinical test ticket.  He further stated that dealing with the problem of vehicles circulating without roadworthiness tests is one of the ministry’s main concern.