Today in History

ionian-islandsAP – Today is Saturday, June 28, the 179th day of 2014. There are 186 days left in the year.
Highlights in history on this date:

1389 – Serb army is defeated by the Turks at Kosovo Polje. Remainder of Serbia is conquered by Turks, who rule for almost 500 years.
1797 – France occupies Ionian Islands of Greece.
1988 – U.S. military attache to Greece is killed by powerful car bomb that blows his armor-plated car off road.
1993 – Thousands of illegal Albanian immigrants in Greece are rounded up and sent home in bus convoys as police crack down following Albania’s expulsion of a Greek Orthodox priest.

Thought For Today:
I don’t know whether war is an interlude during peace, or peace an interlude during war — Georges Clemenceau, French statesman (1841-1929).