Thessaloniki Linked to San Francisco via ‘Google I/O’

GoogleThis year Greece will take part for the first time in the yearly Google Conference, “Google I/O”. On June 25 and 26 at 6.30 pm,  Google web developers will be linking Thessaloniki, northern Greece and another 100 cities around the world to San Francisco, USA.

“Google I/O” Conference will be transmitted live via satellite in big screens,  placed in various locations at the city of Thessaloniki.

Journalists and other participants will have the chance to ask questions to Google’s executives, live simply by registering an online application at the GDG Thess webpage.

Every year, the company’s executives are discussing future plans to approximately 8,000 web developers in San Francisco and millions of online users around the world, participating in “Google I/O extended.”

“It’s an honor for us,” stated the founder of the Thessaloniki web programmers union “Google Developers Group” adding that “there are 250 programmers unions all over the world participating in the event, but not many have their own ambassador in San Francisco.”

The event will include sessions about Google applications such as Google Maps and Street View, along with some innovative new products. Admission is free not only for web developers, but also for the rest of the online audience.