Cine Manto in Mykonos, Among World’s Best Six Open-Air Cinemas

cine manto

After British media devoted tributes praising two open-air cinemas in Greece — Cine Paris in Athens and Cine Kamari on the Greek island of Santorini — the latest “cinema sensation” hitting Brit tabloids is Cine Manto on the Cycladic island of Mykonos

British newspaper The Independent includes Cine Manto on their list of six greatest open-air cinemas around the world worth visiting.

The Independent praises Cine Manto located in a botanical garden on the romantic Greek island of Mykonos, referring to the beautiful atmosphere surrounded with Mediterranean plants and lily covered pools. A stylish restaurant serves breakfast, barbecues and brunch beneath the canopy of trees. The cinema operates from June until September with tickets selling for 8 euros, making it a must for anyone visiting Mykonos.

The British newspaper The Guardian, has also recently praised the Greek open-air cinemas, Cine Paris in Athens and Cine Kamari in Santorini, including them on their list of best outdoor cinemas in the world.

The Big Six Open-Air Cinemas according to The Independent are:

Cinema d’Été, Monaco
Sunset Cinema, Florida
Amante, Ibiza
II Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna
Sun Pictures, Australia
Cine Manto, Mykonos