Kos Mascot Mickey The Parrot Killed By a Car

    mickey the parrot

    The entire island of Kos is mourning over the sudden loss of Mickey the Parrot, who had become the trademark of the Greek island. Both tourists and locals were lured by the incredible bird, whose behavior will remain unforgettable to everyone.

    The unlucky bird was never in a cage, since it was absolutely comfortable with human presence and always used to walk in front of its owner’s bar. This was the habit that eventually took his life away.

    On Saturday morning, June 28, an employee who was trying to park his car, accidentally ran over and killed the poor parrot.

    Mickey the Parrot had been the bar’s mascot and the whole island’s tourist attraction for the past 17 years. When his death announcement was posted in Facebook, many people wrote comments to express their sadness for the beloved parrot’s loss.



    1. Lesson of the day; Friends do not allow parrots to drink and walk home unsupervised. This is what happens when people feed parrots too many crackers dipping in ouzo, whiskey, rum, beer and ……….The Baltic Beach Bar will never be the same. Well at least embalming won’t be necessary.