Quartz: Greeks Take the Longest Vacations in EU

greek vacation trips

The financial crisis has definitely changed the life of Greeks, who were used to spend their vacation time traveling abroad and within the country. Now, almost 25% of Greeks have stated that they won’t be able to go anywhere this year, according to news outlet Quartz.

However, a recent survey published by Quartz, showed that Greeks who are able to go on vacation, actually spend the longest time on their trips in comparison to citizens of other EU countries. The survey finds that people in Greece spend more than a week, on average, on their vacation trips. On the other hand of the equation, Latvians appear to spend an average of 3 days.

As a result of the economic crisis “a smaller share of Greeks have been able to take time off than their counterparts elsewhere in Europe. Thus, the numbers reflect fewer but longer trips for the average Greek traveler.”

Furthermore, the study showed that Greeks only spend 206 euros on average per trip which is a lot less compared to the EU average of 335 euros. It is not an unexpected fact, as Greeks usually prefer to take vacation trips within their country, thus cutting back on travel costs.


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