Greece Acquires Its First Supercomputer

supercomputerThe Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) is proceeding with the creation of the first national high performance supercomputing system supporting large-scale scientific applications. The completion of the system installation and the launch of its operation are expected at the end of 2014.

The supply and installation of the new system is handled by COSMOS Business Systems SA, in collaboration with IBM, after an open international tender conducted by GRNET. The new system is expected to play an important role in the development and promotion of scientific research in Greece and in southeastern Europe. It will be integrated into the European “ecosystem” of supercomputers, aspiring to be included in the 500 most powerful computers in the world and to strengthen the participation of Greece in the pan-European infrastructure PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe).

The national supercomputer is developed within the project “PRACE-GR Supercomputing Services for the Greek Research and Academic Community” which is funded by the Operational Programme “Attica” and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The new system will strengthen the Greek scientific community, covering the needs of Greek users in multiple scientific sectors. Computational chemistry, physics, biology, biomedicine, meteorology, seismology, computational engineering and materials science are just some scientific areas that largely rely on the use of modern supercomputing infrastructures.

The system is based on the NeXtScale platform of IBM and will incorporate the latest generation of  Intel Xeon E5 v2 processors with Ivy Bridge technology, providing a computing power that would reach 180TFlops (trillion floating point operations per second).


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