Four Out of Five Wealthy Greeks Evade Taxes

Tax evasionThe Audit Authority for Tax Payers with Great Wealth revealed the enormous size of tax evasion in Greece. Figures in more than 1,200 folders concerning tax evasion cases reveal that only one out to five wealthy citizens has declared a true income and paid the relative taxes.

During the last months, the Audit Authority for Tax Payers with Great Wealth has started working more intensively and has already completed 500 audits of wealthy Greeks (compared to just 50 completed in the past two years). Data show that tax evasion in Greece reaches 80%.

More specifically, 400 audits were related to money sent abroad while 100 audits were related to offshore properties. It was revealed that only 20 citizens were paying their taxes for properties in Greece. The unpaid taxes exceed 150 million euros. About 130 million euros concern remittances sent abroad while another 25 million euros concern unpaid property taxes.

The audits are done electronically with the use of a special software and algorithms preventing human intervention or consultation with the auditor.

The audits of wealthy citizens must increase not only to restore the injustices of the past years but also because middle-class citizens can no longer deal with high taxation. Most of Greek households are struggling to pay their past debts, while at the same time they accumulate new debts as they cannot afford to pay for current taxes.

The Greek government expects to collect 11 billion euros in the second half of 2014. However its target won’t be met unless tax evasion is dealt with.



  1. Telika o kurios Samaras kai i kuvernisi tou tha krithi apo ton Elliniko lao yia tin dikaiosini tou forologikou sustimatos.Auti tin fora oi Ellines xupnisan apo ton lithargo.Ean i Nea dimokratia sunehisei ton dromo ton proigoumenon tha thaftei.Kai einai krima yiati kataferan polla.Alla i hora zitaei diaugia.Kai dikaiosuni yia na arhiseina pisteuei sto politiko sustima xana.

  2. ND and PASOK voters who want to continue with the status quo

    80% of the tax revenues that Greece should have collected over the last 15 years was of course not. where would we be had this been collected?

  3. Did you know Greece actually paid US IRS advisers to help in this matter in the 1990’s and the Greek SDOE ignored the recommendations of the so-called US Tax Rambos? Why do you think that is?


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